Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yep, I kid you not, our sons were born this morning at 30 weeks 3 days. They're both currently in the NICU in Boise, are on CPAP to help them breathe, and are actually doing very well for 30 week twins.

Last night for some reason, Nathan and I both stayed up a lot later than usual watching Kitchen Nightmares and The Office together. At just after midnight, I suddenly felt this strange pop in my lower tummy, followed by a little wetness...gulp! I managed to get to the bathroom before, sure enough, my water broke big time. About 30 minutes later, we were in the Birth Center in Baker where they verified that my water had broken and immediately called St. Luke's to order a life flight plane.

As we were cooling our heels, I was given a steroid shot to help the boys' lungs develop faster and was put on magnesium....not fun! It made me feel like I was in a roaring sauna, but from the inside out. It also made it next to impossible to move my muscles and control my eyes/eye lids. But it did seem to slow down my contractions a bit, which had started showing up every 6 minutes or so. When Smithson got there, he checked me and determined that I was dilated 2.5 cm. Yeehaw!

Thankfully Nathan was able to go on the plane with me, so my parents drove from Burns to Baker to pick up our subaru and then drove here to Boise. But they didn't get here before the boys were born. Even after getting settled into the hospital in Boise and upping my dose of magnesium, my contractions were still only 5 min apart and getting stronger. An exam showed that I was dilated to 4 cm and an ultrasound showed that Asher was still laying across my tummy. 15 minutes later, I was being wheeled into the OR for a c section.

Everything went off without a hitch. Nathan was great...sometimes I had to remind him to keep me entertained because he was so interested in what was going on with my tummy. I didn't even know what was going on until Nathan said, "Here comes one!" Already?!

Levi was born at 8:21 am at 3 lbs 9 oz and Asher was born at 8:22 am at 3 lbs 10 oz...or something like that. I know I have the times right. They both came out crying, which was music to our ears. Nathan got to bring Asher over to me before the boys were taken to NICU. After I spent about an hour and a half in recovery, I got wheeled to NICU so we could see both of the boys. They're so tiny! And soooo adorable! The head doctor in the nicu told Nathan to plan on the boys being here for two months...that way if they get to go home early, it will be a pleasant surprise. But they really are doing pretty darn good for 30 weeks!

One of the nurses did take pictures of right after the delivery for us, but we probably won't get those until later this evening. After I have a chance to rest, we're going to try to get me to walk around a little bit and then we can go back down to the nicu to see the boys again. We'll take more pictures then, also.

Really, this entire thing went very smoothly.

Thank you Lord for watching over our beautiful family and please continue to spread your healing through us!


Arly said...

OH MY GOODNESS MAMA!! Congratulations on two cute and healthy children!!! I can't believe that it happened just like that, so fast!! I'm so excited for you!!

If you get the chance, give Levi and Asher a kiss from me! Take care of yourself too! Congratulations 1000 times over!

Connie Labunski said...

Congratulations and we are so happy that everything went well. Daughter Kayla got a text msg today from cousin Spencer and told us the "boys" had arrived. Please take care and I look forward to the pictures!