Monday, April 27, 2009


I promised I'd work on getting photos of the boys while they're awake, so here they are! After having an incredibly lazy weekend (bliss, let me tell you) we planned on going to the 6:30 pm service at our church...little did we know that that service doesn't exist anymore. Who knew?! Instead, we came home, bundled the boys up, and headed into the backyard to keep Daddy company while he worked on the garden. Levi's in the green hat, Asher's in the orange one.

The boys' eyes just keep getting bigger and bigger, which I looooooooooove. They had fun rolling around outside, and Mommy was having a blast snapping away with the camera, but we only got to hang out for about 20 minutes before it got a little too cold out and we had to head inside.

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Kate said...

Oh so cute!! :-)