Friday, April 24, 2009

Le Sigh

I heard back from Life Flight today. I knew immediately from Claudine's voice that they would not be offering me a job. Sure enough, "We're sorry, but we're going in a different direction." What exactly does that mean, anyway? I think it's a 'polite' way of saying that someone else fits better or is more qualified. Personally, I prefer the blunt approach, but oh well.

Honestly, I'm slightly relieved. After doing my sit-in, I was having a hard time getting real excited about working there. It seemed like they have the same amount of calls coming in as we do in my current center, only without the diversity of police, fire, and medical. To put it bluntly, I think I'd get bored.

Today I called Washington County in regards to the Administrative Specialist position. The lady I talked to there said that they've had a lot of applications, and wouldn't be done going through them until the end of next week. After that, they'll be contacting those candidates that they want to interview, and hope to have someone in the position by June 1st. It didn't sound hugely promising, but I'm going to keep on it. I also attempted to call the recruiter for the Evergreen position, but he was on the phone when I called and never called me back so I'll be bugging him again tomorrow.

Other than that, I've applied for another 3 jobs tonight; one as a dispatcher in Tacoma, one as a call taker in Tacoma, and one as a dispatcher with a medical response company in Seattle. I'll be calling both of those places tomorrow to find out more info about the job and the interview process. I'll also be keeping my testing date with Eugene dispatch on May 9th, so keep the spare bedroom open for me, Kate! All in all, I still have 7 applications out there, waiting for someone to bite. Seriously, someone HAS to bite. Please?

But there's good news behind the blechy job hunting nonsense! We made a counter offer on the first offer we received on the house, accepting their price (since it was essentially our asking price) but adding a stipulation saying that we have a week after closing to move out. So basically, we don't HAVE to be out of the house until June 29th. And even better? We figured out that, after we pay off all of our debt and all of the fees for selling the house, we will still have enough to live conservatively for 7 months without having a job! Hopefully we won't have to use that, but it also means that I can put Clackamas County dispatch back on the list of possibilities if nothing else comes through!

All in all, I'm amazed with how calm I am about all of this. And can I just tell you again how excited I am to be so close to being out of debt?!?!?! Seriously, only 2 more months (if everything goes through with this buyer) of writing house loan, student loan, credit card, medical bill checks. That's essentially $1000 worth of bills each month, GONE. We're going to write all those checks at the same time, and then take a picture of us holding them up and smiling our biggest possible smiles. Here's to financial freedom!

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