Monday, April 20, 2009

I Need...

...another 5 or 6 burners. You know, to go with that old saying "put it on the back burner"? Except nothing going on in my life can go to the back burner, each item on the to do list requires a front burner. So to be more accurate, I need another 5 or 6 front burners, and then a burner conversion to turn my current back burners into further front burners.

Wait...where was I going with this again?

Oh, right. I applied for another two jobs last night. Having NO calls and access to a type writer makes for some good application-filling-out time. The first one is for a job as an Administrative Specialist (fancy name for secretary) for the Washington County dispatch center, fondly referred to as WCCCA (pronounced Wac-kuh), in Hillsboro Oregon. The application for that one closes in three days, it pays essentially the exact same amount as the Life Flight position, has great benefits, and would mean a regular schedule...aka, no grave yard shifts. 5 days a week. I faxed that off early this morning, so we'll see if I get a call.

The second job is a dispatch position with Jefferson County in Madras Oregon, a small town north of Bend, which has a population half the size of Baker...ha ha ha, wow. The cost of living there is only .5% higher than in Baker, which is great since the beginning pay is about what I make right now. I just faxed that one off about an hour ago and the application closes on the 8th, so again, we'll see if I get a call.

Oh, yeah, and we'll see if I get the job with Life Flight. That just might make all of this completely irrelevant.

We have had a small success in the Labunski household! The boys have graduated from their Velcro-enhanced swaddles and are now sleeping in sleep sacks! For any of you who might not know, sleep sacks are like light weight sleeping bags with arms that you zip the baby into...they fit like a shirt on to top and are nice and roomy at the bottom for the legs. This has given Asher the option of sleeping on his side or tummy and Levi the ability to stretch out his arms as far as humanly possible. I never knew a baby could stretch that far...I thought that distinction was saved for cats, but noooo.

Yesterday morning, when I got home from work, Levi was wide awake and ready to party. So I scooped him up and snuggled him for a while in the recliner until I started falling asleep, at which point I brought him into our room and plopped him on the bed while I changed into jammies. All his kicking and squeaking woke Nathan up, who promptly scooped up Levi and tucked Levi in next to him. Where Levi promptly fell asleep. A few minutes later, he had commandeered the center of our bed, arms stretched out, effectually pushing us to the outside edges...we all slept like that for a good hour or so. I was so tired, I even slept through the dual snoring coming from my boys, even the big one.

Big shout out of thanks to Kate for coming to Baker for five day to help out. Because of her taking care of the boys, we were able to accomplish a TON on the house during the weekend, and she did an amazing job keeping the boys entertained, fed, clean, and happy. The basement, which was where our TONS of junk was stored, is now starting to look manageable, thanks to a shed full of stuff for a yard sale and 1800 lbs worth of crap taken to the dump. Don't hate us, most of it was Marla's! Even our garage is looking like a shadow of it's former self. Unfortunately this weekend, when we were planning to have the yard sale, is suppose to be rainy/snowy. Not exactly enticing weather for yard sale junkies, so we're postponing until May 2nd (weather permitting).

Well, I hear a baby cooing to himself over the monitor, so I better swoop in to snuggle him before he wakes his brother up!

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