Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today was a bit of a whirlwind, what with finding about my interview, having the boys' final Synagis shot appointment (MAJOR yay), getting some sleep in there somewhere, editing photos, and arranging for someone to come take care of the boys tomorrow while Nathan and I unload a few tons worth of stuff from our house. I feel like I'm losing weight in so many ways; physical weight, debt weight, and cutter weight! Love it!

Go check out my photography blog to see the rest of the edited photos from my foray around town...I finally managed to get them all edited, which was no small feat. I think photography is going to have to take a back seat for a while until we get re-settled where ever it is that we end up re-settling. Unless, of course, another morning with perfect lighting comes along and I feel inspired. I have no control over that.

The boys gained almost a full pound since their last dr appointment only 2 weeks ago. Levi now weighs 13 lbs 10 oz while Asher weighs 13 lbs 9 oz. But Asher did poop right before we left for the appointment, while Levi did not, so that probably makes up that 1 oz difference. Sorry if that was too much info.

Next week is going to be off the hook insane. On Monday I'm taking the first three hours of my shift off in order to head up the YL club, and then will be going to work. I work Tuesday night but am hoping to get off a few hours early to get some shut eye before I head to Portland around noon. I'll be staying with my father in law Wednesday night, then will be up early to get ready for my interview at Life Flight at 10 am on Thursday, after which I plan to toodle around the Aurora/Canby area to see what it's like since I've never really spent any time there, and then will be driving home that evening. Joy. Then it's back to work Fri-Sun. But who knows, maybe by then I'll have a job offer!

The good news? Kate, the best sister in law in the world, has agreed to come over to Baker on Wednesday and stay through Sunday (or something like that) to help take care of the boys. That way Nathan can still go into work on Thursday like he was scheduled, plus he'll be able to get a TON done on the house with someone else there to take care of the boys while I'm at work. Thanks Kate, this means the world to us! Dinner at Barley's on us, Thursday night! And I'll wave at you as we pass each other on I-84 on Wednesday.

In closing, a photo of Asher falling asleep in his bumbo. Rest assured, moments after taking this photo I relocated his sleepy body to his crib.


Kate said...

I'm just glad I can help. Maybe we can stop for a stretch together somewhere along I-84. :-)

Anonymous said...

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