Saturday, April 4, 2009

Motoring Along

I now live with two motor boats. They're continually revving their little motors, sometimes in the midst of crying. It's entertaining, to say the least. Is it wrong for a mama motor boat to laugh at her baby motor boats when they're crying?

Both Asher and Levi have picked up the habit of wetting their lips and making zerbert noises. It's a pretty constant thing. Asher started first, and had been perfecting this particular talent for a couple of days before Levi caught on. Now it's not uncommon to be in the other room and hear two little motor boats going from the living room. The downside? It gets fairly messy during feeding time.

I know this photo of Levi is a little blurry, but this is the face they make when they're motor boating.

Fortunately, I've become more and more ok with various types of bodily fluid regularly getting on my person. But just from my sons, don't ask me to endure anyone else's, please and thank you.

In the job hunt area of my life (the biggest area besides my boys...ok, it seems to have taken over every aspect of my life but that's in order to keep a roof over the boys' heads), things continue to be interesting. Stressful. I cried tonight at work, quietly and unobtrusively. Which, if you know me and how I cry, is a real feat. I got an email regarding the Clackamas dispatch job I applied for, stating that I just narrowly missed the group of applicants being considered for the May hiring, meaning that the group I'm in will be considered for the next hiring date set for...are you ready? September. A full 2 months after I get the boot here, which has been made all the more real by my removal from the July schedule. It seems like it's pretty normal for the hiring process in other dispatch centers to take months, which is a far cry from my 15 minute interview and subsequent job offer here. Not good for the financial stability of my family, for which I am basically the sole provider.

But there's a silver lining. I went onto Oregon's employment dept website and found a listing that was just posted on the 1st for a "Communications Specialist" (aka dispatcher) for Life Flight's dispatch center in Aurora, OR. Crazy thing? When we were hoping for the Clackamas dispatch job to come through, we were considering living in Canby, as smaller community outside of Oregon City...Aurora is only 6 minutes southwest of Canby. So we'd still be super close to family. The posting closes on the 15th, and the message I got after submitting my application said that I should expect to hear from them soon if I qualify; if I don't hear from them within 2 weeks, then I didn't qualify. Trust me, I qualify. I plan on calling them on Monday to find out what their hiring schedule is; I'm hoping it will be a much shorter process as it is not a government agency.

I also applied for a job with the dispatch center in Kent, WA. Unfortunately, their description of their hiring time line included approximately 3 or 4 tests, and then the disclaimer that each testing could take months to process. Yeesh. I just know God has a break through planned for us, that something is going to fall into place at just the right time...or maybe just before the right time? Please? God? *tap tap* Is this thing on?

Otherwise, we're going to be up a creek without...well, without a motor.

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Any word on Eugene?