Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Promise

I was considering the talk I am giving at Young Life club tomorrow night, mulling over what it is God wants me to say these teenagers on the day after we celebrate His resurrection. On every social website (such as Facebook and MySpace) that I've logged onto tonight, I've seen people posting "He is Risen!" Amen! That made me thing about the thing that has set Jesus apart from any other founder of a religion; He said He was going to die and rise again. And then He did it.

What an amazing promise. If you think beyond the fact that in a single moment Jesus took our sins upon Him on the cross, here are the bare facts. He died. Everyone dies. If He had left it at that, He would have been what many claim Him to be...a really amazing teacher. But He didn't leave it at that. He promised us that He would rise again, and rise He did! He conquered death, hallelujah!

I thought about taking a photo of the words "He is risen!" from the bible, and actually ended up doing so, but those weren't the words that touched me tonight. Rather, it was Jesus talking about himself, saying "he will rise". It was His promise that death will not win. What a promise. It's a promise I rest in.

Happy Easter everyone.

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Kate said...

At church on Sat. night it was said in the message. "The difference between Christianity and all the other religions is that it is the only faith whose pioneer still lives."