Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm On My Way

Well...I will be in about 6-7 hours. First I need some sleep, then I need to finish packing (shouldn't take to long as it's only an over night trip), and then I hit the road for Portland.

Tomorrow morning is my interview. I'm such a jumble of emotions: terrified, excited, hesitant, hopeful. So much hinges on whether or not I get this job.

So please, pray prayers, keep your fingers cross, send good thoughts, send good juju, however you roll. Much appreciated!

By the way, this is the first over night trip I've taken away from my boys since we brought them home from the NICU. Yes, I've been away from the house several nights for work, but not out of the same town and never clear across the state from them. The thought makes me want to cry. Or smuggle them along with me. But then again, I'm kind of looking foward to not having to make feeding stops, which always add another hour or so onto the trip. I think I'll satisfy myself with printing out a photo of the boys to look at on the trip and getting back home to them as quickly as possible.

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Arly said...

I'm praying for you!!! Have fun!