Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Got My Workout's Worth

I skipped 30 Day Shred for the last three days. I'll pick it back up this morning, but after two full days of schlepping boxes up and down a flight of stairs, I think I more than made up for missing those three days! Believe me, I'm feeling the soreness.

We now have a large shed absolutely FILLED with things for our garage sale, and we're still not done sorting. Nathan took two truck loads of junk to the dump, each of which weighed around 600 lbs...no, that was not all our stuff, most of it was things Marla had stored in all the little nooks and crannies of the house, it was insane! And again, we're still not done! But we made a lot of progress in the space of two days, which makes us feel a lot better about how smoothly the moving process will (hopefully) go when that time comes. And hopefully it comes soon!

Today our realtor came over, took pictures of the house, and went over the paperwork for putting it on the market. So it's official, we're selling our house! The listing should be on Nelson Real Estate's website and the RMLS website sometime today. I had a moment while Mary Jo (our realtor) was taking photos and I was standing in the living room watching our boys nap in their swings, a moment where I just couldn't stand the idea of leaving the house that Marla gave us, the house that we have made into our beautiful home. I love what we've done with it, loved watching what has come of putting our blood, sweat, and tears into it. It took a lot to keep the tears from flowing at that point.

There is a small blessing, however; with all the changes we've made, I really no longer look at our house and see it as Marla's. I think if that weren't the case, if I still saw Marla in this house, it would be much much much harder to part with. As it is, I seem to have separated the house from my memories of staying with Marla, of her house being my second home. Now it's the home that Nathan and I have made together...which makes it difficult in its own right. It's the house where we learned what it means to build a marriage, the house we finally got to bring the boys home to. I just pray that we will be as richly blessed in the home we make wherever we end up, as we have been here.

Last night I took the first three hours of my shift off in order to go help out at Young Life club, as several of our usual leaders were going to be MIA. Besides organizing the skit, I also gave the talk at the end of club. I can't even describe how much I am going to miss Baker Young Life; the kids and the leaders, who have become like family. There are so many things that I look forward to about moving, mostly for the sheer adventure and newness of it all, and so many things I regret leaving behind. Can't I just take those things with me?

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Kate said...

I saw the listing... looks good!

It is always hard to leave your first "married" home... I look at our house and just can't imagine leaving it now that we've done so much to it. I completely understand how you feel!