Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On The Fast Track

Well, today has been a super exciting day!!! No, I haven't heard back on Life Flight yet, but a lot of other exciting things happened. We left Baker at about 7:45 this morning to take the boys for their NICU Follow up Clinic in Boise. They saw a developmental pediatrician and an occupational therapist, both of whom said they don't see anything to be concerned about and that the boys are developing amazingly well. Yay! They also both weigh just above 14 lbs now, no wonder we've started taking them out of their car seats if we're going to carry them any further than about 10 feet. We tried to stop by the NICU to see if any of our favorite nurses were in, but all of them are on night shift. Sad day. We did stop by the Ronald McDonald house though, to show them the boys and tell them how huge of a blessing they were to us while we were there.

While we were on our way to Boise, we got a call from our realtor's assistant, Carla, who does some of the showings on the house. She had scheduled a showing for Sunday afternoon, but wanted to reschedule it for this afternoon at noon. Last night, our realtor hosted a first time home buyer's seminar, and evidently the lady who wanted to see the house on Sunday overheard someone else talking about how much they love our house and that they wanted to make an offer on it. Which prompted this lady to tell Carla that she wanted to see the house this afternoon, because if it's the house she wants, she wanted to make an offer on it right away. So Carla showed her the house this afternoon, and when we called her at around 5:00 this evening, she told us she has a written offer for the full asking price of the house!!!!! The offer includes us helping with half of the closing costs, but we're hoping that maybe we can write it into the contract that in exchange for helping with closing costs, the buyer will be responsible for anything the inspector might find that needs to be done on the house.

If we accept this offer, we'll probably have enough left over after paying off all of our debt to almost complete Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 3, an emergency fund for 6 months worth of living expenses. I'm so excited that in one step (selling the house) we'll complete both Baby Step 2 (get rid of debt) and Baby Step 3 (emergency fund) all in one swoop! It makes me want to do the happy dance.

Even better? Carla said she had a second person come in to make an offer at 6:30 this evening! They didn't offer as much as the first person, but they did not ask us to pay any closing. We're going in to meet with Carla and Mary Jo tomorrow afternoon to look over the offers and see where we want to go from here. Mary Jo said that usually, when she gets a situation like this, she has the sellers look over the offers and then send them back to the buyers, saying that there are other offers on the table and asking them to think about whether they'd be able to offer any more.

We've already told ourselves we're not going to get greedy, that our #1 objective is to strike while the fire is hot and accept a good offer while interest in the house is still up. It's written into the house description that we can't close before June 22nd, which is just 2 day over us owning the house for 2 years. That way we won't get hammered by the capital gains tax. But Mary Jo said that closing after receiving an offer, when you figure in all the inspections and such, usually takes about 2 months anyway, so that's not a big deal.

God is good!

On our way home from Boise today, we realized that without Marla leaving us the house, none of this would have been possible. Yeah, we'd be a little less in debt, but we most definitely would not be looking down the pike at being 100% debt free in just a few short months, and we would be in panic mode over me losing my job. So thank you Marla! This is going to put us so far ahead for the rest of our lives, as long as we use this blessing wisely. Funny, if we had been selling the house only 4 months ago, we probably would be looking at how we could blow the money we'll have after paying off our debt, or we'd be looking at buying another house, without even considering the other options.

OH! And I totally forgot to write about the fact that our boys turned 7 months old yesterday! SEVEN MONTHS! In just 6 days, their adjusted age will be 5 months. Nathan and I both commented today on the fact that we have a hard time thinking of them as preemies anymore. They just look and act so much like normal, every day, full term babies. I have some adorable photos of them, but in the relative insanity that has been our past couple of weeks, I haven't really had the time to edit them and post them on here. Soon though! We just recently switched from putting the boys in swaddles at night to just putting them in sleep sacks, and since then they have loved sleeping on their tummies. Especially Asher. We've also started putting really soft stuffed doggies in the boys' cribs at night, and Asher LOOOOOVE that. He holds onto his doggy's ear and puts it up to his cheek as he's falling asleep, and woe on anyone who tries to take it away from him! Levi isn't quite as possessive, but I think he likes having something to cuddle up against as he's sleeping.

I love being a Mommy.

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