Monday, August 11, 2008

24 Weeks 4 Days

Sorry it's been a while since we've posted but for being on bed rest, it was a busy week last week! I'm ready for this week to be a little less busy, that's for sure. Then again, ask me again after the week is over.

On Friday night, we had our baby shower here at my mother in law's house. It was a ton of fun! Not too many people, and not too few. We got a lot of really cute and practical stuff, and we both feel so blessed to have such support! Jan and Kate did an amazing job decorating (with some help from Eliot, of course) and the creativity was awesome. Big thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came! I'll post pictures on our Picasa web album as soon as I'm done with this post.

After the baby shower, Kate, Eliot, Johnny, Nathan and I crowded into my room to play some Guitar Hero and Mario Kart on the Wii. I never knew that Guitar Hero would be so hard a) sitting down and b) with a huge tummy! It definitely gave me a handicap. But it was so much fun to be surrounded by friends again. The only hard part was not being able to have a beer with the boys...the big boys, not the twins!

On Saturday, Nathan and I played hookie...but I was good! We drove to Nathan's dad's house, where I sat on the guest bed and watched tv while Nathan and Ger went to Babies R Us to pick up our stroller, car seats, a baby bath tub, and a Pack N Play. On top of that, we got some hooded towels, a microwave steam sanitizer for bottles, a diaper bag, and some of those little mittens that will keep the boys from scratching their faces up. It felt good to have a change of scenery for the afternoon and it was a lot of fun to have dinner with Ger.

On Sunday, Nathan went grocery shopping for me and then made some strogenoff to put in the freezer to restock my meals...mmmmm. After he got done with that, we spent some time together sorting through the baby stuff, separating what we thought we might need here when the boys are born vs what we knew could just go home. And then, all too soon, it was time for him to drive back to Baker. Between the baby shower, him shopping at Babies R Us with Dad, and everything else going on during the weekend, it felt like I hardly had any time to spend with him. So we're hoping this weekend will be a little more relaxed. I still can't believe how good it feels to see him when he gets here and how hard it is when he has to leave. I miss him so much.

A few hours after Nathan left, my friend Hannah (a college roommate and one of my bridesmaids) stopped by, bringing Jamba Juice, Pizza Schmizza, and gifts. It's been a long while since I'd seen her and she's taking off in September to study for a year in England, so it was great to have the time to catch up! She also made the cutest little quilt for the boys, with the Very Hungry Caterpillar on it. For those of you who don't know, that was one of my favorite books when I was little...the other one was Goodnight Moon...can you find the mouse? I love the quilt so much, it just may go up in our room instead of in the boys' room!

Today was another dr's appointment, and everything is continuing to hold stable. So for another 3 weeks and 3 days, at least, things will remain the same. But hey, we're down to 3 weeks 3 days!!! After that, who knows. Today was also the lovely glucose test, where I had to drink an incredibly sweet drink and get my blood drawn an hour later in order to test me for gestational diabetes. Hopefully I won't get a call from the office tomorrow saying that I need to come in for the 3 hour test (shudder). Evidently the medication I'm on is effecting Asher's heart a tiny bit, but everything is still operating the way it's suppose to and the effect is minimal. I have another appointment on Thursday and we'll continue to keep an eye on the boys' hearts.

Besides that, the boys continue to move and grow. Levi has developed the knack for kicking me directly in the bladder and sometime in the past 4 days, Asher has flipped over so now Levi's head is to my left (where it's been for months) and Asher's head is to my right. Goofy boys. They also like to curl into difficult positions when it's time for their heart ultrasounds, so that the sonographer (technical name for ultrasound person) has a hard time getting the reading they need.

I'm trying to strike a good balance between staying busy and relaxing, being social and having some time to myself. I've been on bed rest for 12 days now and I have yet to go crazy. I think that's pretty good!

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