Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Remodel 2008 Photos!

Nathan was awesome enough to send me a bunch of photos from our remodel, including ones of the new carpet in our room, the nursery, and the living room. So I organized them, turned them right side up, and put captions on them. Here's the end result!


Excuse the mess, obviously we're in the middle of a remodel!

Now that the carpet is done, Nathan is working on putting things back into our bedroom and the living room. The last of the flooring, vinyl for the dining room and kitchen, goes in next Wednesday and Thursday, after which we are done with flooring! YAY!

The last big projects left to do are finishing the bar in the kitchen, installing all of the trim around the house, and installing the new doors for the bedroom and nursery. Yes, there is some painting to touch up, and some other small thing to be done. Oh, and that small project of putting everything back together after the flooring fiasco. But really, if you think about everything we set out to do, we've come a long way!

Our bathroom simply needs some caulking and trim. Our bedroom needs trim and the new door. The nursery needs trim, the new door, and another coat of paint here and there. The hallway needs trim, the back closet doors painted, the window sill painted, and a fresh coat of paint in the very back landing. The dining room needs trim and the new floor. The living room needs trim and the stove put back together.

The kitchen needs a few more things: new flooring, crown molding, toe kicks under the cabinets, the bar panels and bar counter finished, and possibly a new paint job in the pantry. But really...I remember how incredibly long the list was before we started this whole venture, and even with listing all those things out, it still seems like we're really close to being done!

Nathan, you're the best!

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