Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am now 27 weeks along!

And have now officially started my 3rd Trimester!!!

I had a dream last night about my appointment this afternoon. I dreamed that everything looked great and that Dr. Jenkins said, "Well, everything looks good, you're stable, so you can go home!" To which I replied, "Wait, now?" and he said "Yes now". So I somehow magically found someone who possessed a large enough vehicle to transport myself and all of my copious amounts of gear home!

Dreams come true, right?!

I've been keeping a very positive outlook about this whole "going home" thing because I just want to believe it will happen. But what if it doesn't? What if I go to my appointment this afternoon and we find out that the medication I was on (that I can't go back on) really was helping keep my cervix at a good length and that now it's back down to being too short?

Then again, Jenkins did say that the reason I had to be so close to a hospital is because, when we went to Boise, I was only 23 weeks along, which meant that the boys weren't "viable". That's a nice way of saying that if they had been born, they wouldn't have made it. But now they are "viable". They have 4 more weeks under their belt. And going home doesn't necessarily mean going off bedrest.

So rather than worrying about how much of a breakdown I'll have if I can't go home, I'm going to just continue being very positive...and will be holding my breath and crossing my fingers big time when they are doing the internal ultrasound!

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