Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Babies, Beanies, and Bars, OH MY!

First of all, doctor update. Yep, we're going to talk about the cervix again, simply because I'm a little confused about what is happening to mine. The visit to the doctor went well, everyone is looking healthy and happy. The valves in the boys' hearts are holding strong and the fluid level around them is still good. But evidently I have the Amazing Growing Cervix. Because in the past couple of week, it has gone from 2.9 cm to somewhere around 4 cm. The "normal" range for a cervix to be at while pregnant (and not in labor) is anywhere between 3-5 cm. Hmmm. Oh well, I'm not complaining. I mean, at least it's not going the other way! And in a way, it makes me even more hopeful that there will be a lessening of my restrictions when I hit that magic number, 28 weeks! So...all good news on that front!

It struck me today just how much the boys have grown. Evidently the insurance companies only cover measuring a baby's growth via ultrasound every 21 days. Anything more than that comes out of your own pocket. So I won't know until sometime next week exactly how much the boys have grown since Aug 4th. But I can tell they've grown a ton simply by how little room there is between them now. It use to be that there was plenty of space for them to float they look like a big jumble of arms and legs. I have to admit, it's still incredibly surreal to me that I have two human beings inside of my tummy, despite the constant kicking and punching I'm receiving. And it's even more unbelievable that they are going to come out sometime in the next couple of months and be sons. I'm going to be a mom. So weird.

Thinking about all of this made me start to go bonkers because I realized that, besides cross stitching a cute design onto a toddler bib, there was nothing I had made with my own hands that the boys' could come home in. So I found a knitting pattern for an adorable newborn beanie and spent tonight knitting it. I'm going to make a second one, only the colors will be reversed. Here's a picture!

So yeah, the other beanie will be blue, with the bottom border and the pompom on top in the green. I have to admit, when I think about the boys wearing them, I get kind of giddy.

In other news, Nathan has almost finished the bar in our kitchen! He got a couple of coats of polyurethane on everything and spent his evening attaching the panels and the counter top to the bar frame. Now all that is left to do is to put corner trim on the (you guessed it!) corners, do some caulking, and make a backsplash to go against the wall where the bar meets it. Between the almost-completed bar and the new flooring, the kitchen looks amazing! There are pictures of it in our Picasa online album, picture #48-60.

Ok, I think it's time for me to go to bed now. This is going to be a busy rest of the week...I can't believe it's Wednesday already!!!

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