Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok, so I've discovered something in the past month or so. With twins, you get twice as much of a lot of things. Car seats, clothes, diapers, joy, etc. Oh, and you are twice as likely to return big items because after further thought and inspection, you realize it's not going to work as well for twins as you originally thought. For example, our car seats. Who knew that there are car seats that are too big for the back seat of a Forester?! Live and learn, right? Now we have car seats that fit AND are adorable.

The latest victim? Our stroller. We originally got this Kolcraft double stroller that looked like it was the bomb! It had great seats for after the kids graduate from the infant seats, which you take out and replace with infant car seat attachments so you can use two infant car seats instead. The problem...the stroller only comes with one car seat attachment. You have to look else where to find a second attachment. Oh, and that brings me to the other problem. The attachments are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! I search everywhere online, including ebay and craig's list. They were back ordered or no longer available, no matter where I looked. Not good.

So back to the drawing board. The only other stroller I could find that is made for twins, would hold both of our car seats, AND is affordable was a Graco DuoGlide. Thank goodness Babies R Us has wheelchairs! We headed out to the Tigard store and checked out the DuoGlide. While we were doing so, another couple was looking at the stroller we originally got. As we were talking with them about it, we were realizing a) just how bulky the darn thing was (50 lbs vs the 30 lbs of the Graco stroller and b) just how flimsy the infant car seat attachment was. It was just a rectangle of metal that was supported from either side, leaving the bars to flop around. When the other couple put their car seat into the attachment, the front bar somehow dropped and the car seat fell straight through...thankfully their baby wasn't in it!

So yeah, the DuoGlide was looking better and better. The best is made by Graco so it was made to work with our car seats. Oh, and the pattern was exactly the same as our car seat pattern. Excellent for the OCD in me, ha ha! (And no, that is not the reason we changed strollers!!!) Not only that, but the price difference allowed us to purchase a great swing. Now we just need one more swing and we'll be set for the first year or so in terms of something to stick the boys in to keep them in one place while we take a shower...or just catch a breath!

See? Cuteness!

And here's a couple of photos of the new stroller. I think we'll be a lot happier with this one, even if it isn't the "Cadillac" of strollers.

From the side, with the car seats, sans the stroller canopies!

View from the driver's seat...eventually there will be two adorable boys looking back. And you gotta love that it's a very gender-neutral design.

Poor Nathan has finally headed home and probably won't be getting to Baker until around 10 pm or so. I won't see him again for 11 days...which if I remember correctly, is actually the longest amount of time we've been apart since we got married over two years ago. So weird. But hey, it's possible that the next time he sees me, he'll get to take me home!!! Until then, I will miss him like crazy!


Carly Carlson said...

I've heard so many better reviews of the graco strollers over the kolcraft. we looooove our graco stroller!! looks cute!

Arly said...

I'm so glad that it all worked out!! Yay for back orders that then allow you to see how flimsey the thing really is! :)