Friday, August 29, 2008

A Ray of Sunshine

One of the concerns Nathan and I have had since I went on bedrest was the small amount of paid leave time I had accrued. When we first got pregnant, the last thing on either of our minds was the possibility of a) it being twins and b) me going on bedrest half way through my pregnancy. As such, I only had about a month and half worth of paid leave available when I was ordered out of work.

Needless to say, since I am still about two or more months out from delivering and then would like to spend SOME time at home with our boys after they're born, this was a problem. I called Jill, my work partner at the time that I got put on bedrest, because I knew that she had some knowledge of our benefits and might have a solution. Unfortunately, neither our benefits or our insurance offer short-term disability, only long-term. But Jill did mention the possibility of getting leave time hours donated and said that she'd look into it.

Today I talked with a gal from our personnel department, who said that she is looking into whether long-term disability would be benefitial to us and then she also mentioned that my boss had been in to the office yesterday to talk to her about donating leave time hours! She said he had mentioned putting out a memo asking people to donate, which is awesome! Basically, any hours that are donated would just be put directly into my "bank" and used as my own hours.

Now it's just a matter of seeing how many people donate how many hours. Ideally, we'd be able to get enough hours to cover the next couple of months of medical leave AND at least a month of being home with the boys after they are delivered. Two months would be even better, but honestly, any little bit helps!

It just makes me feel good to know that we have people looking out for us, going above and beyond their normal duties to help us out.

So, on top of praying for a negative result for the fibronectin test, please also be praying that people would be consider donating leave hours so that the rest of my time on bedrest and maternity leave can be paid time, so that we still have two incomes coming in.

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