Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bump Tracker

Here we are, 26 weeks 6 days! Only one day away from starting my third trimester and 8 days away from being 7 months along. SEVEN MONTHS! It doesn't feel like it's been that long, but my body is starting to feel the wear and tear. My mom was kind enough to order a maternity support for my tummy and is having it delivered here so that my tummy muscles aren't taking such a beating. I can't wait til it gets here! I mean, I might have 2 more months of this to go!

I've now been off the medication for almost 60 hours and have only felt what might have been a couple (2 or 3) minor contractions...either that or it was gas, ha ha ha! So I feel like we're going to have a good appointment tomorrow, in terms of seeing everything remaining stable. After all, the day that we went to Boise, I was exhausted (had been up since about 3 pm the day before, worked a graveyard shift, and then immediately left for Boise), dehydrated, and hadn't eaten anything since about 3 am. All those things individually can bring on contractions, let alone combined! Which, of course, I was unaware of at the time. But now I know how to take care of myself and the boys better.

As it is, I am chomping at the bit even more to get home to Baker. One of my good friends, Dana, just got back from working for a month at Wildhorse Canyon as Summer Staff and it's so hard to not get to talk to her face to face about everything that happened there! Wildhorse is one of those places that you can't visit without being changed in some way and I love hearing people share their experiences always reminds me of how much I love what that place stands for and how close God feels every day.

Only 8 days to go until 28 weeks!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your "story" and look forward to each and every morning, with coffee in hand, getting your update. From reading your blog, I know if anyone can do can!
Connie Labunski

Carly Carlson said...

Wow you are looking so great!!!