Sunday, August 24, 2008

26 Weeks 3 Days

It has been a wonderfully quiet weekend! The best part? Nathan and I have had a house to ourselves all weekend so we've had a lot of time for just us. That's something we haven't had in almost a month, and I had definitely missed it. Poor Nathan is the most likely to feel the effects of my confinement in terms of seeing me go gradually insane, but he deals with it well and finds ways to help me get my sanity back.

Last night we went to church at East River again, and it felt so good to be there! Once again we sat in the very back and turned a chair around, so I just sat there with my feet up the entire time. It feels very weird to be one of the few people sitting during worship time, but oh well! I was just happy to be there! The pastor's wife, Pam, came over to talk to us at one point and also prayed for us and the boys. Evidently she has 23 year old twins! After church we got to talk to Carlos, the pastor, a little bit more and found out that he's also a probation officer at the federal level...I knew there was a reason I liked the guy! Evidently he makes it over to Baker on a fairly regular basis. Once again, I find myself wishing we could just pick this church up and move it over to Baker.

After church we were planning on having Nathan's best friend Johnny and his fiance Laura over for a while, but we found out that Johnny was going to his parent's house first and Nathan thought he'd like to stop by there also and say hi. As soon as we walked in the door I was placed in a recliner and we ended up staying for about two hours! It was a ton of fun and SO nice to spend time with people in a different setting....and yes, I had my feet up the entire time! Then we came home in time to watch the men's basketball, USA vs Spain, for the gold medal. I honestly don't know who won, because I went to bed before it was over. Evidently going to church really takes it out of you!

Today is more relaxing and spending time together, once Nathan gets done with some stuff he needs to do for work. His work is launching a new website and his boss is letting him design the ads for the website from here instead of coming into work on Monday. Which means he doesn't have to leave this afternoon, yay! But rather than working all 8 hours on Monday AND driving home, he's been splitting up the hours across the weekend. Tomorrow morning we'll be getting up early to go to a doctors appointment...and it's an exciting one, because this is the first one Nathan has been to since Aug 1st AND we will get to see how much the boys have grown since Aug 4th. Well, I can already SEE how much they've grown, but we'll get to hear the actual measurements.

Only 11 days until we get to 28 weeks!!!!

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