Sunday, August 17, 2008

25 Weeks 3 Days!

What a weekend! On Thursday morning, I got a call from Nathan saying that he had the beginnings of a rash on his legs. Last time this happened was just before our wedding, in the midst of packing to move across the country, finding jobs, and doing the last of the planning for the wedding itself. What started as a rash on his legs then traveled up his body and onto his face, which then puffed up like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. It was pretty uncomfortable for him, not just because of the rash, but also because the doctor put him on steroids that caused him to be incredibly jittery and irritable. Sure enough, this time around the rash started moving up his body.

He attempted to get into the doctor that day, since we really have no idea what causes this, but they said that they wouldn't be able to see him until 10 am the next day. Even when he went into the doctor's office to show them what was going on and told them that it was possibly a food allergy, they still wouldn't see him, claiming to be a doctor short and to have sent several nurses home early. Lovely. So he went to another clinic where they at least had a nurse look at him. She told him to go home, take benedryl, and then go to his appointment in the morning. Unfortunately, even dosing himself up on benedryl didn't have any effect on the rash. By morning, it had moved to his face which had started to puff up. According to the doctor, they have seen other cases of this before but have absolutely no idea what causes it. So until around noon on Friday, when Nathan's swelling started going down thanks to the steroids, it was still majorly up in the air as to whether Nathan was going to be coming over this weekend, which seriously bummed me would have meant two full weeks of not seeing my husband, who is the one person I feel I can completely lean on.

But he's here now! And even better, his boss let him bring some work with him, so he doesn't have to head back to Baker until Monday afternoon instead of on Sunday! He's even more excited about it than I am because it means he doesn't have to get here one evening, stay one full day, and drive home the next day. Poor guy, what a trooper!

On top of all that excitement, Nathan's sister and her husband were here all weekend because Eliot had a gig at the "Stonehenge" in the Columbia Gorge on Saturday. Also on Saturday, I got to take a couple of field trips! One to the car wash because our car was covered in ash from the house fire next door (which consisted of sitting in the car for 15 minutes) and then again that evening to go to church with Nathan, Jan, Kate. It was a great experience, and SO nice to go to church again. The pastor, Carlos, was so personable and just very...real. At one point during worship at the end of the service, he came over and asked to pray for us and the boys, which was very moving. I'm hoping we can make going there a weekly event (shhh, don't tell the doc) since it's only a 5-10 minute drive over there and I just turn the chair in front of me around so I can put up my feet. The only problem is that I have a feeling I'll really miss this church once the boys are born!

Today was pretty mellow except that Nathan's grandparents came to visit, Nathan had to return the car seats we got and get different ones, and my parents came by for a quick visit on their way to the coast (complete with their dog Lizzie and Bandito!). The new car seats are adorable and actually fit in our car, yay! Plus with the price difference between the first car seats and these new ones, we had enough money left over to get some cute little sleeping-bag-type things that are made to work with the car seats to keep the boys warm, since they're going to be winter babies. Thanks to Carly for bringing those to my attention, hopefully the boys will love them as much as Stella did!

This next week is going to be pretty busy too. Nathan will be here until around 2 pm tomorrow, and then I'll have the evening to just relax. Tuesday afternoon is another doctors appointment. Kate and Eliot will be back here on Wednesday to get ready to go camping up at Mt. Rainier with Jan and Nathan's Aunt Diane. They all head up there on Thursday, and my mom will be here that day to stay with me for the night and then take me to a doctors appointment on Friday morning, after which she will head back to the beach. And then Nathan will be here for the weekend starting on Friday evening. Whew!

And then, after that weekend is over, it's only 11 days until I reach 28 weeks! Sweet!

....I honestly don't know what I'll do if Dr. Jenkins doesn't lift SOME of my restrictions at 28 weeks. I just may go completely insane.

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