Friday, January 25, 2008

Chick Flicks I Want To See

Ok Dana, I was inspired by the previews before 27 Dresses last night to make a list of the chick flicks I want to see, and I think we need to make it our goal to see all of them. Not necessarily all in the theatre (especially since some of them are already out of theatres), but some of them we should definitely go see on the big screen. Here they are, so that I remember which ones they are:

Made of Honor, opens 2/8/2008
Fools Gold, opens 2/8/2008
Accidental Husband, opens 3/7/2008
Prince Caspian, opens 5/16/2008
Juno, already in theatres, probably on video soon
PS I Love You, already in theatres

If there are any I have forgotten, just let me know!

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