Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hair Dilemma

If you haven't noticed, I put a poll on the right side of our blog, underneath our "About Us", entitled "What should Lindy do with her hair?" I've been working on growing my hair out since summer, and I've enjoyed having it longer but there's one problem...I really wish I didn't have to dye my hair once a month (or more). I'm happy that I've gotten it back to blonde, but I also wish it looked more natural. So here's my dilemma...

I've decided that I basically have these options. A) I cut my hair short and just grin and bear the ugly roots while keeping it trimmed short until only my natural hair is left, then let it grow back out again. B) Get my hair cut short, then have it professionally dyed to match as closely to my natural root color so that it isn't as noticeable when the roots grow out. C) Just let it grow and have it professionally dyed to look more natural, then hopefully the roots won't show as much. D) Just leave it as it is and keep dying it monthly.

Anyway, those options are on the poll, let me know what you think I should do because I hate making these kinds of decisions.


The Carlsons said...

I think you should get a weave, leaving some of your natural (or current) color. That will really help disguise the roots, and help it grow out to your natural color. Don't cut it unless you really want to-- I've kept cutting mine and regretting it soon after. I'm ready to grow mine, too! My hair color right now is actually just a very thick blond weave with thick sections of my natural color, too, to lighten it up, but it's also much more low maintenance than dying all over. I have done many a thing to this head of hair, and the weave is the best-- do a few shades lower low lights and a shade or two higher high lights (than your color right now) and that'll be really pretty. Tiffany or April at A Diva are the best--- tell them I sent you if you do it!! :)

Dad said...

Hey Lindy, I agree with the weave idea. I think it would really be easier to get back to your natural color that way. It will be much easier on your hair as you don't do it as often.

Also I loved your comments about Marla. I think I really don't accept the fact that she is gone also, because I don't want to be that sad and it makes me miss her so much. I just want to think opf the great times we had and now I don't have a best friend to do things with like she and I did with the cooking and projects. I love doing things with your Dad, but having a close female friend is different. I do find myself laughing once in a while about some silly thing we did, like how heavy of a platform we made for the stage, had to be sturdy you know or how she always had her finger in the way when I was trying to drill something, or drinking wine at sunset and having the motor on the dinghy quit short of the boat, (remember?). Well, one day we will do it all again!!!
All for now Luski. Love MOM