Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I got my first annual evaluation at work today. And it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it actually had some praise in it (gasp!) and other than that, it just reiterated the things that I heard from our Police Sgt. What a relief! The only part that kind of surprised me is that my boss said that I need to become more comfortable with processing warrants and far as I know, I can enter and process warrants/detainers with the best of them. So I sent him an email asking him to clarify where I could improve in that area. The evaluation ended with my boss saying that the last 6 months of my probationary period will be the hardest, during which I will hopefully pick up that 15% of my job that is instinctual, the 15% that no one can teach you, that is your 6th sense...I'll get on that.

I was talking with Arly today about how my ride along with the Sgt went, and it made me realize something about myself...I will work my butt off for you if you treat me with respect and honesty. I can't say that I've been treated that way by certain people in my work place, which could account for my lack of enthusiasm towards working hard for them. Even if your complete honesty hurts a little bit, I will respect you immensely for having enough respect for me to deal with me face to face. Nothing loses my respect faster than taking your problem with me to a higher-up, without attempting to fix it with me first.

The other highlight of the day is that the Guitar Hero III for the Wii that I ordered on the 26th arrived today!!!! Super excited!!! Nathan set it up during his lunch hour and got to play it first (pout), but I can't wait to get done w/ rehearsal tonight at around 7 and go play it for the first time!

Speaking of shopping online, I just have to share with all you other bargain hunters out there...I got a $50 Old Navy gift card in my stocking for Christmas. I love shopping at Old Navy, but their prices are getting to be pretty rediculous, so I figured that I was only going to be able to get two or three things with the card. I decided to go online and see if I could find any good deals, since I know my sizes there. I ended up getting nine...yes NINE things...I didn't pay over $7.25 for a single item. My purchases included: 3 U-neck long sleeve tshirts (brown, blue and white), one Perfect Fit tee (deep red), one V neck tee (blue), three holiday tank tops (maroon, blue, and white with snowflakes on it), and some really cute earrings. With shipping being $5, the total came to just $0.49 above what I had on the gift I actually paid only 49 cents for 9 items. Yes, I know, my girliness is showing, but I was just so proud of my ability to get so much for that price. Hopefully that will be delivered in the next couple of days.

On a completely different note, the play I'm in, Laundry & Bourbon, opens on the 11th. That means we have less than 2 weeks to rehearse...I think we'll be just fine. It doesn't feel like we've been rehearsing for very long though. If anyone is going to be in the area, it's playing Jan 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 7:00 pm at the Rodeway Inn in Baker. It's a dinner theatre, so dinner starts at 7:00 and the play will probably start at around 7:30 or so. Should be good food (Lynne Burroughs and my mom are doing the cooking), and the play is very entertaining with some great one line zingers.

Well, I'm off work in half an hour (this 6 am - 6 pm shift kinda rocks) so I better make sure all my call screens are finished. Later!

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