Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Boys Playing

Remember that rolling I was talking about? It's forced us to cage the boys. Not literally, but we now put them either in their pack n' play to do "roll time" in the living room, or on the floor in their bedroom, which is currently our most baby proof room. Here's a few photos of the boys playing on their floor. The first one is of Levi...I'm not sure how he got that ring on his arm, but it cracked me up.

The boys have also started "hanging out" together. Here's a video of Levi talking to Asher. They had been talking like this for a good five minutes before I got the video, plus they were sharing the white teddy bear back and forth. I love how Asher is laying there simply listening to every 'word' his brother is saying. One word: adorable. Sorry it's sideways, I completely spaced that I can't rotate the video. Silly me.

Post Edit: That growling you hear is what we refer to as the boy's Gremlin noise. It cracks us up every time they do it. Levi started that interesting little habit first and it took Asher about two or three weeks to catch on and start doing it himself. And isn't it adorable how they start holding hands at the end?


Kate said...

The video hasn't worked any time I've tried to click on it. :-(

Lindy said...

That's odd. My mom emailed me today and said that she watched it about three times. Don't know what to tell ya. You're using Firefox, right?

Kate said...

I am using Firefox, yes, but it has never worked even when I tried using Safari. I dunno, I've never seen that message before (it says the video is unavailable). I will give it a shot on Mom's computer.