Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's Program Brought to You By the Word "Discouraged"

I still have yet to get a single interview offer from anyone besides Redmond. I have approximately 12 other applications out there. I've included cover letters and resumes. I've called HR departments and directors to follow up.

And I'm t-minus 47 days from being unemployed. With twin infants to support.

I feel like I've done an incredibly good job staying positive throughout this entire fiasco. I know that if we haven't found a new job when my time in Baker runs out, we'll be ok for a few months. But I shudder to think about all that will imply. How will we decide where to move? Will we end up living with family somewhere in order to avoid paying to move into two different places within the space of a few months? Because let's face it, moving into a rental always costs a TON of money, between rent, deposits, application fees, and utility start up fees. If we end up living with family for a little bit, how do we do that with two infants without driving whoever we're living with (and ourselves) absolutely crazy?

The most frustrating thing is that I STILL have not heard back from my #1 pick, despite hearing very encouraging things from the director each time I talk to her. I was told that I should be hearing back about an interview by the end of the week...last week. A week ago. So where do I go from here? I called yesterday to request a sit-in while I'm over on that side of the state for my Redmond interview, so I'm hoping to hear back about that today.

But at what point do I simply ask, "Am I getting an interview, or am I wasting my time barking up the wrong tree?" Because I'm putting a lot of my time and focus on this potential job, time and focus that I could be using to pursue other possibilities. Would this director appreciate me being blunt and honest, or would it tick her off and ruin my chances?

Here's what I've heard so far from her. I've been told that she thinks I'd be a good fit there. Every time I call, she says that she's glad I called. When I tried to set up a sit-in for last weekend while we were on that side of the state but she didn't get my message until the day we were coming home, she said she was SO sorry and that she thinks it would be great for me to come see if I'd like working there. She's said that they aren't ignoring me, that they're just trying to figure out where to place me on their list of applicants, which is when she told me that I should get a call by the end of the week...last week.

So do I need to just cool my jets and be patient? Or keep lighting a fire under their butts? ...figuratively speaking, of course.

I'm just so tired of being in limbo. I know that God is teaching us through this experience, but haven't we learned the lesson well enough by now?

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Kate said...

I like to think of job interviews of playing a game, there is supposed to be some and back and forth of taking turns who has control over the situation... sometimes it can be frustrating when it hasn't been your turn for awhile and you think they've quit the game. Don't give up. But don't try to take your turn when it's theirs. So, in short... be patient! I know it is so hard right now and I would be absolutely sick of the situation by now as well, but recognize that their need to place the job might not be as urgent as your need to have one, and they may move a little slower.

The best thing you can do right now is pray and stay in the Word as much as possible and pray for guidance about what you should do, and He will let you know when to call, when to hang back. I'm praying for you!!

Also remember, this is temporary. You won't be in limbo forever, I promise! :-)