Sunday, May 24, 2009

Insomnia in a 15 lb Package

Oh. My. Stinking. Heck.

Last night was probably the lowest point in our parenting experience since the days just following bringing the boys home. You know, those days when one of us had to be up at all times and in order to get ANY sleep we had to put the boys in the car seats?

Ok, maybe this wasn't quite that bad, but it wasn't good either. Nathan had already had a rough day while I was at work yesterday. Asher was either asleep or screaming all day long, while Levi was relatively well behaved. Once 8 pm came around, though, the roles switched. Asher was a happy little camper, finished his bottle quietly, went to bed quietly, and slept quietly all night long. Levi, on the other hand, decided half way through his bottle that he was going to scream any time I tried to put the bottle anywhere near his mouth (I think he was freaked out about having a hard time breathing while drinking his formula) and was only happy if I was holding him. No matter where I tried to put him down, even though he was fast asleep, he would start screaming.

This continued for a good hour or so before we finally got him to go down in his crib at around 9:30. We finished our last race on MarioKart and immediately went to bed...only to be woken an hour later by Levi screaming again. This time, there was no putting the little squirt down. Even laying down on the bed with him wasn't an option. Finally, in order to get some sleep for work today, I moved out onto the couch while Nathan gradually moved from sitting up in the bed holding Levi to laying down in the bed holding Levi.

That lasted approximately half an hour before the screaming started again, at which point I remembered the boys' swaddles that we had stopped using. Sure enough, I wrapped him up in one of those, rocked him for a few minutes, and was able to lay him down in his crib where he slept until about 4:30 this morning. That was at about midnight...keep in mind that I was also suppose to be up at 4:30. Ha ha ha, not! I slept in until 5:20, got up, put on clothes and a hat, got my food out of the fridge, and walked out the door....

...only not really. Because just as I was about to leave, Asher woke up with a very wet diaper which had shared its bounty with the front of his jammies. So before I could leave I had to change his diaper, put him in new jammies, and put him in the other swing. Should be interesting to hear whether he went back to sleep after I left. Understandably, after getting only about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night, I decided I deserved a chai tea from Sorbenots, the only coffee place open in Baker at 5:50 am on a Sunday...I got to work at 6 am on the nose.


So please be praying that the boys get better today. It would be a God-send, both for Nathan (who is taking care of the boys by himself for the next eight days) and myself (who is leaving tomorrow morning to start her 8 day trip of Washington and Oregon to do job interviews/testing) to get a good night sleep tonight. Not to mention that we are so ready for the boys to not be suffering any more. Nothing rips your heart out like hearing your baby whimper in his sleep.

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