Thursday, May 14, 2009

God is Faithful!

Even when we start losing faith!

This morning, I was in a major downer. I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed about finding a job before I get the boot here and we have to move out of our house in 47 days. We know that we have family to support us and give us a place to live if necessary, but we'd much rather have a destination and employment lined up before then.

I should have known that just when I'm starting to feel down about all of this, God comes through and opens yet another door! Today I received an email from Tacoma Dispatch inviting me to test for their dispatcher and communicator positions I applied for on June 1st at 8;30 am!!! Yay! Also, I am set up for a sit-in at Redmond WA dispatch for a couple of hours on the night before my interview.

Silly me, doubting God. But I do have to say that I love being amazed by Him every time I turn around!


Hannah Kali said...

woot woot, tacoma! ;-) I won't be moving back to WA, but I'll certainly be visiting family occasionally. And maybe you guys, too! Good luck! By the way, I checked and the Rainiers aren't in town that night. Thought I'd offer you tickets if they were. :-) Sorry. Next time. :-)

Lindy said...

You aren't moving back to WA?! Where are you moving?