Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Labunski Household These Days

Things have been progressing quickly. Mostly in the land of infant twins. It's pretty insane.

Trying out rice cereal. They hate it.


Playing together. It's awesome to watch. We've even caught them giggling at each other.

Making friends with the doggy. Their doggy loves them and they love their doggy. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Playing on daddy.

Trying out their high chairs. Still a little unsteady for them yet, but we're getting there!

Tried out another new food...sweet potatoes. Definitely a bigger hit than rice cereal.



And slowly losing our minds.

Other things on the boys list of spectacular achievements:
  • Almost crawling...Levi managed to scootch himself half way across the living room at Nathan. And Asher is consistently getting up on his hands and knees. Eek.
  • Had their first big outdoor adventure (4 hours) while Nathan took photos of the Matthew Long Memorial Golf Tournament. They loved being outside and were absolute angels the entire time.
  • Making zerbert and Gremlin noises.
  • Rolling. And rolling. And rolling. And chewing.
Gotta love life in the Labunski household.

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