Saturday, May 23, 2009

On The Mend

Levi's fever broke last night. I took his temp this morning and it was around 98 degrees, thank heavens. We got a little nervous when it climbed up to 100.4 last night, but it never broke the 101 limit, so we were safe. The boys are still having some breathing problems due to stuffy noses, but we got them a cool air humidifier (better for colds than warm air) for their room last night and they both slept pretty well.

Well, until around 4:30 am, that is. At that point, Asher woke up screaming and was promptly moved into bed with Daddy. Levi slept until about 5:15, at which point he woke up screaming and was moved to the swing where he promptly fell asleep again. Poor things. I know how miserable I am when my nose is stuffy and I can't breathe. At least I can take Benedryl, which is what I did last night...I'm still on a Benedryl hang over this morning. I vaguely remember stumbling into the boys' room at around 2 am to help Nathan give Levi some tylenol and then stumbling back to our room...what I don't remember was climbing back into bed and falling asleep again; I think I was probably asleep by the time I hit the doorway of our room.

The thing no one told me: when your kids have colds and sleep on their tummies, and don't yet know how to blow their own noses, their sheets get covered in snot. Sorry for the visual, but I thought I'd warn my mommy friends out there who may not have gone through baby colds yet. Be prepared to wash a lot of sheets.

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