Saturday, May 2, 2009

Talk About Die-Hard

Remember those disappointed yard saler's I talked about in my last post?

I was half joking when I said that. Little did I know that it was all too true.

Starting at 7 this morning, while I was hanging out with Levi in the living room and Asher was still asleep, I heard a car door close outside. Peeking out of the blinds of our front windows, I saw an older man walking up to the house. UP. TO. THE. HOUSE. Now I don't know about the rest of you, but if I were to notice the following things, I would probably conclude that there is no yard sale: first, it's RAINING. Second, there is an obvious lack of yard sale items to be seen in either our yard or our driveway. Further more, having seen these things, there is no way I would think it was ok to walk up to the residence, regardless of whether it's 7 am or 7 pm, and knock on the door.

The only reason this man DIDN'T knock on the door was because I managed to open the door before he did that or rang the door bell, in order to head off anything that might set our dog barking and wake up Asher. Unfortunately, Bandit heard a strange voice and started barking anyway. The man then proceeded, despite hearing Bandit going nuts and two babies crying, to ask me not only if we were selling any guns (HA! like we're going to get rid of our guns), but also how much we wanted for our Tundra because his friend is looking for a truck exactly like that. At this point, I was ready to chew rocks.

But rather than ruining my dental work, I instead put up a sign on our front door stating, "Yard sale canceled due to weather. Do not knock or ring door bell." And yet, despite that, when Nathan went outside to take out the trash at around 8:30, he was accosted by several people asking if the yard sale was still happening, and whether we were selling any cast iron skillets. I mean, really people?

Needless to say, when we actually DO have this yard sale, we will not be advertising it in the newspaper this time. I'm afraid that if we get rained out again, the natives just may storm the fort.

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