Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Dance!

I got an interview with Redmond Washington Police Dispatch Center!!!!!!!!!!!

I received a call yesterday afternoon from Matt with the city of Redmond saying that he had my application and asking if I was still interested in the position with them. But of course! He then said he had to ask me a question, the same questions he asks every Oregon applicant.

You do realize this is Redmond Washington and not Redmond Oregon, right?


Ok good. You'd be amazed with how many people don't get that.

So we set up the interview for 11 am on the 26th. I'll be driving up on the 25th, hopefully doing a sit-in at the dispatch center that evening (need to call Matt back on that one), do the interview on the morning of the 26th, putz around Redmond by myself for the rest of the day, spend the night because it's waaaaaaay to far to drive up one day and drive back the next, and then head home on the 27th.

Yay! I'm so excited! This is honestly one of the applications I submitted and then kind of forgot about - because I applied SO LONG AGO and never heard anything back until now - but always kind of hoped that it would work out because I think we'd enjoy living there. It pays relatively well for the area that it's in and Nathan absolutely loved the couple of years that he lived in that area (Seattle). And because this is a lateral dispatch position, I don't have to take any tests!

I am torn, however. If I hear back today or tomorrow about an interview with McMinnville, I'll definitely accept the interview offer. Mcminnville would put us a little closer to family and has a lower cost of living with a very slight decrease in pay, so we'd be able to save more each month. To put it in perspective, the national average cost of living index is 100, Redmond's cost of living index is 147 (47% higher than the national average), and McMinnville's cost of living index is 101 (46% less than Redmond). And yet the Redmond job only pays more than 8% more than the McMinnville job, starting pay. Hmm. That's a far cry from the 46% difference in cost of living; I'm kind of having a hard time making the math add up.

If I were to get a job offer from Redmond and didn't have any hint of one from McMinnville, however, I'd take the Redmond one.

But the bigger question here is...

Why did I wake up at 2:30 am, unable to go back to sleep?

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Hannah Kali said...

Redmond's a really nice area- but yeah, realllllly pricey to live around there. If you do get the job, I've got a few friends in Redmond, I could get you in touch with them w/ recommendations of where to live, etc. They're former co-workers in the House of Reps, so they know their areas really well- have to for work. Will know good schools, etc. :-) Good luck! And hey, if you guys move, I'll come visit when I'm back in the country! :-)