Monday, May 18, 2009


That's Nathan's nickname for Levi. We have Asher-Pants (don't ask) and Levi-Bebi. Anyway, here's me and my little monkey up at the golf course on Saturday. He was having a grand ol' time facing forward in the pack, looking around at everything and kicking his legs like crazy. Gotta love this boy.

Below is Levi's first photography adventure! He actually pushed the shutter button! Interesting composition, it's a little blown out, but not bad for an 8 month old, if you ask me.

With two photographers as parents, at least one of them is sure to be interested in photography...right?

Post edit: Has anyone noticed that Levi's head is almost as big as mine? Is that normal? Ha ha ha.

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Arly said...

Our nick names are master chief from daddy and sugar booger from both of us. Sam also calls him little man...

I think Levi's first photo was excellent! Very artsy.